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Beautifully Imperfect

After the success of his first book, No More Hiding: From Trauma to Triumph, Maurice Tobin started receiving letters from all over the world full of gratitude—and questions. With such a big leap from his troubled background to sharing his story from a place of empowerment, readers wanted to know: How did he heal? How did he learn to love himself and embrace his sexuality? What were some of his tools for transitioning from trauma to triumph?


And so, Beautifully Imperfect: Embracing Self-Discovery, Self-Love, and Growth was born! With his familiar approachable and honest writing, Tobin returns with a book for people who want better for themselves but don’t know how to get it. Beautifully Imperfect marries the power of storytelling, gentle (and sometimes fierce!) encouragement, and opportunities for reflection with journal prompts.


From accepting yourself, embracing the unknown, assessing different aspects of your health, forgiving yourself and others, taking stock of your support system, and more, Tobin will guide you through a comprehensive review of your life, where it is now, where it could be, and advice for getting there. We are all beautifully imperfect. But, as you will learn from Tobin’s book, that doesn’t mean we can’t live a life we love, and love the life we have.

Screen Shot 2023-02-17 at 11.59.26 AM.png
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