No More Hiding


Abandonment. Sexual and physical abuse. Loss. Foster care. Drug usage. Absent father.

The beginning of Maurice Tobin’s life was fraught with challenges.
Despite his warrior mother’s love, Maurice encountered obstacles no child should have to face. Then, when his mother died at the young age of 26, things only slid further downhill. Trying to reclaim his broken identity and living through constant upheaval, Maurice found himself fighting for his life – literally.


It wasn’t until he hit rock bottom that Maurice discovered a new path, and he would never be the same. In a powerful journey of self-discovery, serendipity, giving back, and a spirit that simply refuses to break, Maurice tells us how he picked up a pen and started writing himself a new story.

No More Hiding isn’t just a tale of triumphing over trials. It’s an intimate look inside the behaviors abuse cultivates. It’s an investigation of a child’s confusion and heart when encountering trauma without a support system. It’s an honest revealing of what a journey of change really looks like, including Maurice’s admission: he’s still working on it.

Find a safe place to rest and set aside your busy life. Maurice is no longer hiding, and you won’t be the same once you see him.

"Maurice tells his life story in a way to help release the trauma and grief which therefore helps break down the walls to allow more love and trust of people into his heart."

- Braunz Courtney - Program Manager for HIV Education and Prevention Project 


"Most people let experiences of trauma define them but Maurice takes a powerful stance to defy the odds


and arises victoriously! Highly reccommend you read this book. 

- Tony Shavers III, Author , Motivational Speaker, and Philanthropist


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